RydeSafe Reflective Stickers For Bikes, Motorcycles and More.

This is my little side hustle. A bike safety products company called RydeSafe. We make primarily Reflective Bike Stickers that make you more visible at night. They reflect like back its source using microscopic glass spheres embedded in a substrate. Which means someone sitting behind the steering wheel with their headlights on will see you a whole lot better at night.

We also just launched a line of iron-on reflective decals made with 3M Scotchlite Engineering Grade Reflective Material that let you customize your clothing, commuter ware, and fabric based gear.

Check out our stuff here!


Reflective Stickers For Your Bike. Reflective Tape for motorcycle helmet.
RydeSafe Reflective Bike Stickers

Rydesafe Reflective Stickers for your bike make you safer at night.

NYC Bike Ride through COVID-19 Quarantine – 03.21.2020

Please note. As of recording, “outside activity” (walk, run, bike) while staying 6ft away from people is allowed under NYC’s quarantine guidance.

Otherwise please STAY HOME and do your part to stop the spread. It’ll save lives. Whether you’re young, middle, or old! With symptoms or without.

I’m sharing this video provide an non-editorialized window into life in NYC. Even though empty streets are freaky, it’s heartening that people are collectively changing their behavior to stop this virus. Tough times, but we’ll get through this. Hopefully more connected to and supportive of each other.

This bike ride started in South Brooklyn then across the Brooklyn Bridge, up to Times Square, back south and across the Williamsburg Bridge. Neighborhoods noted throughout.

Snapchat: Real Friends Campaign

Check out this user-generated content campaign Snapchat just launched!

Each spot features a different pair of real friends, from all around the world, talking about their relationship. In a fake world of social media, Snapchat’s ephemeral messaging is better suited to one-to-one and one-to-few interactions than say – BookFace or Finstagrom

It was a multi-month effort by Snapchat with the help of the brilliant minds at SpecialGuest in Brooklyn, NY.

I helped SpecialGuest out for a month or so earlier this summer with some Creative Direction. I worked on a few aspects of the brief including writing scripts for and helping with an edit of a global supercut. To show the breadth of the campaign.

Like most big campaigns we did a ton of work that won’t see the light of day. And I wasn’t involved in this project long enough to include in my portfolio, but thought it was pretty darn nifty, so wanted to share here on Clune’s Blawg.

Pizza the Musical

Pizza the Musical is a short film I created and directed for The Museum of Pizza – a monthlong popup exhibition in Brooklyn, NY. I wrote the piece in collaboration with maestro Sarah Fiete who also composed the music.

In this divided world, I wanted to bring people together around the greatest thing ever. Pizza: The Great Unifier. From kings to peasants, everybody loves a good slice. Despite it’s universal appeal, pizza preferences vary greatly from person to person. And goodness can pizza opinions get passionate! What style is best? — New York? Detroit? Chicago deep dish? What’s the proper way to eat a slice? Fork and knife or folded in half? — Or perhaps the most divisive issue of all: Does Pineapple have ANY place on a pizza?

Pizza the Musical sets about to answer these questions. And shows the world how “we’re all just one pizza in a pan.”

Directed by – Anthony Clune

Written by – Anthony Clune and Sarah Fiete

Music Composed by – Sarah Fiete

Instrumentals / Sound Design – Eric Tait


Alexis Ijeoma Nwokoji – New York City Pizza

Alexandra Doman – Detroit Style Pizza

Patrick Tombs – Margherita Slice

Isaac Ryckeghem – Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Olivia Greco – Pizza Statue of Liberty


Cory Fraiman-Lott – Director of Photography

Harold Erkins – Assistant Camera Production

Jason Leinwand – Production Design / Costumes

Oliver Ignatius – Sound Recordist

Alana Salvano – Makeup Artist

Lava River Cave – BEND, OR

Sound on. This underground hike was extremely worthwhile. If you’re ever in the highdesert of central Oregon check it out. You can hike a mile down a cavernous tube carved by molten magma thousands and thousands of years ago. It’s pitch dark so you rent powerful lanterns to look at the rocks and contemplate geologic time and your relationship to the planet.




Here’s some GoPro Footage I shot last spring in New Orleans, Louisiana. We head south for open water and perform a touch and go.

Captain Lyle Panepinto mounts the camera to the wing of his Cesna 185 Skywagon and shares some thoughts about the history of Southern Louisiana’s coastal crisis.

Captain Lyle has been flying since the early 1970s and has witnessed the coast change drastically in that time.

I highly recommend a visit to Southern Seaplane for their “Save Our Coast” tour. It’s thrilling and educational. This video doesn’t do it justice. But still, hope you enjoy.