Pizza the Musical

Pizza the Musical is a short film I created and directed for The Museum of Pizza – a monthlong popup exhibition in Brooklyn, NY. I wrote the piece in collaboration with maestro Sarah Fiete who also composed the music.

In this divided world, I wanted to bring people together around the greatest thing ever. Pizza: The Great Unifier. From kings to peasants, everybody loves a good slice. Despite it’s universal appeal, pizza preferences vary greatly from person to person. And goodness can pizza opinions get passionate! What style is best? — New York? Detroit? Chicago deep dish? What’s the proper way to eat a slice? Fork and knife or folded in half? — Or perhaps the most divisive issue of all: Does Pineapple have ANY place on a pizza?

Pizza the Musical sets about to answer these questions. And shows the world how “we’re all just one pizza in a pan.”

Directed by – Anthony Clune

Written by – Anthony Clune and Sarah Fiete

Music Composed by – Sarah Fiete

Instrumentals / Sound Design – Eric Tait


Alexis Ijeoma Nwokoji – New York City Pizza

Alexandra Doman – Detroit Style Pizza

Patrick Tombs – Margherita Slice

Isaac Ryckeghem – Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Olivia Greco – Pizza Statue of Liberty


Cory Fraiman-Lott – Director of Photography

Harold Erkins – Assistant Camera Production

Jason Leinwand – Production Design / Costumes

Oliver Ignatius – Sound Recordist

Alana Salvano – Makeup Artist