Snapchat: Real Friends Campaign

Check out this user-generated content campaign Snapchat just launched!

Each spot features a different pair of real friends, from all around the world, talking about their relationship. In a fake world of social media, Snapchat’s ephemeral messaging is better suited to one-to-one and one-to-few interactions than say – BookFace or Finstagrom

It was a multi-month effort by Snapchat with the help of the brilliant minds at SpecialGuest in Brooklyn, NY.

I helped SpecialGuest out for a month or so earlier this summer with some Creative Direction. I worked on a few aspects of the brief including writing scripts for and helping with an edit of a global supercut. To show the breadth of the campaign.

Like most big campaigns we did a ton of work that won’t see the light of day. And I wasn’t involved in this project long enough to include in my portfolio, but thought it was pretty darn nifty, so wanted to share here on Clune’s Blawg.